About the Soul of India

Since my childhood I loved all these years of traveling to beautiful places. Every year a month looking for new experiences in life and get away from our production-oriented country. America, Asia, Africa .... I have seen so many beautiful things. Every journey with his own beauty and life messages. I had at least learned that working hard in today's consumer society wouldn’t bring much happiness. Not for me anyway. Life is too short not to enjoy for a day.

That something had to change was clear to me, only the answer was too vague to take action. Until years ago when I traveled in India and I walked one night through the deserted streets of Agra.  Back on my way to the guesthouse where I stayed. In front of a shop a friendly old man was standing and we greeted each other, as often happened. Only now he called me several times as I walked ahead and said he wanted to talk to me. I first gave no response but when he said: “God wants to talk to you!”, I turned and looked somewhat surprised. That is very special indeed. Someone who says such thing.... why? I walked up to him and he asked me to enter his marble shop to drink a cup of tea. Soon he begins to tell me his story. How he exports marble around the world and how easy it still remained, despite his wealth. He said: "I can buy a helicopter but I still have no bench to sit on. Do you know what my wealth is? Because of my knowledge and abilities I can feed 300 families. A better feeling, you cannot have!" After the tea I left the shop and walked back with a smile. 

I had an answer, or at least something to think of. In the months that I was back in the Netherlands the words of the old man kept me busy. Eventually the picture became increasingly clear. Buying handmade products, sell these via the Internet and invest a part of the sales in different projects. Not only self-enrichment but to do something good for others with the knowledge and abilities I have. It was the beginning of The Soul of India. My quest in India for products and reliable suppliers has given me many headaches but has now led to something beautiful. A network of manufacturers who support me and I can trust and a huge amount of knowledge about the state of affairs here in India. Actually they have become friends of mine, so close these contacts become. I always believed in my goals, even some people still don't understand. Since September 2011 The Soul of India is operating from out of India. 

A new beginning in which I also want to introduce a new project on Fair Trade activities in India. In collaboration with the Indian Fair Trade organization (FTFI) we will train special Fair Trade Support agents to assist exporters in their activities to improve the working conditions of many workers in this industry and towards fair trade. In addition, the website is completely renewed and The Soul of India hopes to sell more fashionable products and collect more money to support projects in India. Only when many workers will have a better life through the efforts of The Soul of India, then my goal is achieved. It's where we go for. Thanks for your support!

- Eugen