1. What is Fair Trade Support?
    Guide NON Fair Trade manufacturers to a higher level of Fair Trade.
  2. Why Fair Trade Support?
    To create a healthy industry from where people can buy products with a better feeling.
    Make manufacturers aware of the need to act more in the direction of the Fair Trade principles .
  3. What are Fair Trade principles?
    1. Creating Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers
    2. Transparency and Accountability
    3. Fair Trading Practices
    4. Payment of a Fair Price
    5. Ensuring no Child Labor and Forced Labor
    6. Commitment to Non Discrimination, Gender Equity and Freedom of Association
    7. Ensuring Good Working Conditions
    8. Providing Capacity Building
    9. Promoting Fair Trade
    10. Respect for the Environment
  4. How does The Soul of India guide manufacturers towards a higher Fair Trade level?
    In cooperation with the Indian Fair Trade organization FTFI we want to make improvements step by step. All our suppliers are willing to take part of this process. Together we can make positive changes for the many laborers working in this industry.
  5. How does The Soul of India support projects?
    We are connected to Fair Trade members, NGO’s and less advantaged manufacturers to promote their products and support their labor conditions. Beside these we are going to support projects connected with Indian crafts work.
  6. What is the difference between Fair Trade and Fair Trade Support?
    Fair Trade;
    Each phase from the baseline should proceed according to a fair trial. From raw material to the packaging. An organization must be transparent in all its activities and often only smaller organizations can handle the maxims because of clarity. In India, only a small percentage in the industry working under Fair Trade set of rules. Also hard to find products in commercial international markets due to limited knowledge of marketing and R&D.
  7. Fair Trade Support;
    Products purchased from manufacturers with a solid organization that has been supplying commercial markets. This could be more trendy products offered. Each manufacturer will be guided in the direction of Fair trade. Are there measures in cooperation in increasing steps to meet Fair Trade standards. Due to this different view of Fair Trade help immediately can be offered to a vast group of workers working in this industry.
  8. What is the Sales Tax (VAT) on Indian handicrafts?
    There is a 0% VAT for handicraft items because India is a developing country.
  9. What is the Import Tax on products out of India?
    It depends of the country of delivery and the type of product. Generally handicrafts from a developing country like India has a 0% import tax. You can ask the customs in your country for more information.
  10. What do you mean with handmade products?
    Handmade means made by hand with help of tools and/or small machinery.  More people deliver products to complete an order and that’s why there can be a bit difference in the final product when bigger quantity. This makes the product unique.
  11. What is the delivery time?
    The delivery time in general is between the 3 and 4 months, depending of the production capacity time of the ordered goods. The Soul of India keep in touch with the buyer about this.
  12. Can I get products customized for a certain market?
    Yes, if you have special requests for own designs or looking for production opportunities in India, you can send us an e-mail with photos. We will try to find a reliable manufacturer for your products.
  13. How can I become partner of The Soul of India?
    Please do e-mail us when you want to become a partner and let us know what you can add to The Soul of India. We are interested in all kind of people who are willing to support and promote our policy and products. The more people involved, the more we can achieve.
  14. Is it possible to support projects in India without buying products?
    Yes, we can help you to make sure that your funds will reach the project.
  15. How the product is shipped to my address?
    All transport is going by sea. The Soul of India deliver products only by FCL (Full Container Load) and FOB Mumbai. The buyer can arange further transport to nearest port or we can help in this process to find the most attractive way of transportation. Only in case samples we can choose for transport by air. This will be done in cooperation with the buyer.
  16. What are the charges for shipping products?
    We handle the shipping cost of the courier service. These are passed to the buyer. Besides the shipping costs the buyer pays a small fee for handling costs.
  17. What to do with returns and exchanges in case of complaints?
    If a product which is delivered by The Soul of India does not meet your expectations, please send us an e-mail and discuss your complaint with us. When a valid complaint, we will find a suitable solution to avoid unnecessary costs.
  18. Where do I send my product in case Return or Exchange?
    For this we offer you two options. You can determine which address is the most favorable for you.
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